beat the spammers - hide your email address


The purpose of this site is to allow you to publish a link on the internet without giving people the opportunity to send you an email (without knowing your email address).

What codes do I need to use this.
After you Register, you will find details in the `My details` section of the link required to add to your web site. Just copy and paste this code, or ask your webmaster to add it to your web site. There is code to allow you to add it to a Forum also, as the code for that is slightly different.

Will my email address be shown ?
No, we do not send out your email address to the sender. We only send you an email and it is up to you to decide if you wish to reply.

My web site uses javascript
`I am using Javascript to encipher email addresses, so that when you do a View Source you cannot see them.`
Please note that spammers can still write scripts to extract the email address. Please contact us for examples where we can show clearly that email addresses can be pulled from a web site.

I am still getting Spam
If your email address has already been on the internet I would recommend you setting up a new email address. Then, on your old email set up a vacation message stating that your old email is not being used any more and inform them of your new email address. Real people will read that message, while spammers will not be able to. (of course, you should still monitor your old email address for a while afterwards).