beat the spammers - hide your email address


Bothered by tons of spam ? Hide your email addresses and stop junk mail, yet still be contactable. This web site was setup to help you hide your email address and still make it easy for people to contact you.

NOTE: we had a problem with the set up of the site, which has now been fixed so you can now set up to hide your email address.

It's secure, quick and easy to sign up ! (and free)

Once registered, we send you an email which tells you how create a web link which you add to your web page, forum, blog, twitter which then allows other people to send you an email.

Thats it ! I hope you now get loads less spam :o)

Some web sites which appear to have email addresses shown may be using Ajax to help encipher the email addresses, spammers will find it harder to extract the details from the page but in a lot of cases it can be done. Contact me if you need some examples.

If you need to contact me then do so through this link [ contact me ] or click the icon on the left. This shows the operation of this web site and how easily an email can be sent.

Go to our File Sharing web site if you need online space for storing and sharing files with other people.

Email addresses will not be passed on to any third party, they will only be used for the purposes of allowing people to contact you via this link.

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